Contribution Program

About The Event

About The Event

DevIncept Contribution Program, or DCP, is a 30-Days Open Source program conducted by DevIncept, started in 2021, with an aim to help beginners get started with Open Source Development while encouraging diversity. Throughout the program, participants contribute to different projects under guidance of experienced mentors. Top participants get exciting goodies and opportunities.


February 3 to April 8, 2022


Project Admins
Project Administrators building or wishing to build their own website and application are welcome to register. Your project ideas and our workforce will team up to give your project a professional look. Your guidance to our mentors and participants will finally get the work done and let mentors and participants to come out with flying colours.
Mentors are experts on the Open Source project the team is working on. At the beginning of the program, they provide a roadmap for the project. They are available throughout the program to review pull requests, help with concepts and generally support the team. Apply to be a mentor at DevIncept Contribution Program.
If you have basic git skills or are first timers or even veteran developers, DevIncept Contribution Program would give you a taste of contributing in a long open source projects. Continuously for 30 days you will contribute to your different projects under guidance of experienced mentors.

Event Schedule

Here is our event timeline

February 3

Project Registration Starts

Come up with your project or ideas and register yourself as a Project Admin

February 4

Mentor Registration Starts

Choose your favorite projects and register yourself as a mentor

February 5

Participant Registration Starts

Choose your favorite projects and register yourself as a participant

March 3

Projects Assigned to Mentors

The project assignment to the mentors will be finalized.

March 7

Coding Period Starts

The participants will be permitted to start contributing on the projects of their choice.

Declared Later

Coding Period Ends

This day marks the end of the 30-days journey.

Declared Later

Results Declared

The results will be declared and the final leaderboard will be updated!

Event Speakers

Here are our speakers who will be sharing their knowledge throughout the event.

Coming Soon...

Sponsors and Partners

Certificates Sponsor

Swags Sponsor

Community Partners


  • Yeah, definitely. The organization is meant to assist the beginners grow in the field of development. We'll have distinct projects appropriate both for beginners as well as the accolades and thereby we’ll make sure that each and every participant gets to learn something new from the projects he or she is contributing for.

  • No, there is no registration fees for participation. It is absolutely free of cost.

  • No, there is no age limit for participation in DCP. It is open for all.

  • We’ll be providing all the participants with the digital certificate. The swags to all the concerned students will be delivered to their preferred addresses. We’ll ask for the same via an email after the conclusion of the event.

  • There are no such conditions that the projects need to satisfy. The mentors can propose the idea in any field that they specifically expertise in.

  • We’ll be providing you with the links on our official website to start with Github and various other development to make sure that everyone is able to aptly contribute for the projects.

  • The participants will be notified through email and the invite to the Slack workspace will be sent to them.

  • This program is for beginners to get started with open source. The only criterion for selection are your dedication and enthusiasm to contribute to open source.

  • All communication will happen on the Slack channel for the particular project.